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Alfred Hitchcock

"To make a great film you need three things - the script, the script and the script."

I am happy to answer any questions about script development projects and film, TV, documentary productions.  Just send me a message and we can discuss a timetable and arrange a meeting.  

For all enquiries about my work as a writer please contact Lesley Thorne at: 

Aitken Alexander Associates


In September I will visit Copenhagen once again:

1 DAY OF WRITING THRILLER. "Of all cinema story genres, the Thriller is the only one that never goes out of fashion".


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Welcome to Stephen Cleary script and film website.
I’m a story developer, script consultant, workshop designer and development trainer.
If you’re a scriptwriter, director, producer, developer or film executive there should be something of interest here for you, so please look around.
I am passionate about scripts and  film making, so please contact me if you have a project you feel I could help with.  



I work on film scripts in development from the first idea to screen and I also present workshops and seminars on all aspects of screenwriting and development.  
The most recent workshops have been in Australia, UK, France, Poland, Denmark, Japan and the Faroe Islands. I am a regular guest lecturer at the Danish Film School and at the Film School of the Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia.
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