Some recent Films

I was fortunate enough to get to design and develop a slate of films in Adelaide with the FilmLab initiative.

FilmLab was a $4.2million development initiative of the South Australian Film Corporation funded by the South Australian Government. It was one of a suite of initiatives introduced by CEO Richard Harris, in 2007. 

We are just blown away,” said SAFC CEO Richard Harris. “FilmLab is such a unique program but it has been something of a leap of faith for all of us, so it is incredibly gratifying to have the first film greenlit from the program, get this recognition. It’s amazing what can happen when you decide to genuinely back talent.” 

Stephen Cleary is key consultant for the FilmLab initiative and has collaborated closely with the SAFC team to create a unique filmmaking development experience. “The success of the films shows that FilmLab really works, and because of it South Australian films, and filmmakers, are on the rise. FilmLab is the realisation of a shared vision between the SAFC, myself and my team. We are delighted that work produced through FilmLab is winning international acclaim”, said Stephen. 

FilmLab Projects

I have worked on many TV projects and feature film projects - for more details please contact me via the contact page.


SWEET COUNTRY, directed by Warwick Thornton and written by Steven McGregor and David Tranter, won the Jury prize at the Venice International Film Festival. 


David Tranter. he didn't write. He drew. And every day he would come into the NT Film office in Alice with an A3 pad and drawings of an event in the past of his family. And I would ask questions, and he would explain, and each picture was one scene in his mind. And when we had talked enough, I wrote it into the laptop and read it back to him, and we'd talk again, and I'd change it until he was happy with it. That way we got about twenty scenes written. Then we looked at them, and saw what other scenes we would need to join these twenty scenes. And we did that, too. 

 I drank a lot of tea. David smoked a lot of cigarettes outside. And eventually there was a story, start to finish.

Months later we met in Alice again. And did the whole thing again, And again. And again. And finally David had a script he was happy to show. And Steven McGregor and Warwick Thornton and David Jowsey took it, with David, from there and from that birth they made the story into what it is today.  It was a wonderful development process which I will always treasure and one which I would gladly do again and again.  So proud to have been involved in this film.