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"Steve Cleary gave an amazing two day insight into the written Power and Gender structure of screen scriptwriting.  as always with Steve, the inner monologue takes over and while the insights reveal themselves, my present scripts were altering in the course of the sessions.  His grasp of the craft and subtle analysis generates all the questioning necessary to improve the personal skills. Yup, brilliant weekend. " - Will Simpson, writer.

“It’s a very practical course – not only “how” treatments, but “why” treatments and other documents. Invaluable.” – Matthew Bates, Literary Agent.


“It gave me, in detail, an understanding of and approach to, writing short documents. It also gave me much more than that – an understanding of the development process and the emotional depth needed to do it well.” – Caroline Kozaka, writer. 

“Stephen Cleary’s Adaptation workshop came along at the perfect moment. We had just optioned a book and were in the process of deciding which elements of the novel we wanted to adapt, and how we would set about doing it became so much clearer. I can’t recommend it enough!” – Natasha Marsh, Producer, Academy Award Winner, Wasp 

".Entertaining, highly informative, and most importantly, extremely practical.
I highly recommend it." Jo Wade, Freemantle Media
“This workshop honestly transformed my thinking about storytelling structures and opened up new possibilities in exciting and practical ways.  It incorporated both big ideas thinking and also specific craft tools, which I will begin to use immediately in my writing.  The workshop was rich in content and spoke well to many levels, including experienced, working screenwriters. ”  
2019 Melbourne Workshop Participant

“Whether you’re a writer, director, producer, financier or just plain curious, this workshop is enlightening, fascinating and hugely entertaining.”

-Robert Jones, producer, Usual Suspects, Run Fatboy Run 


“Informed, in depth, invaluable. The workshop really helped me focus on ways of working with projects currently in development, refreshing my knowledge of ‘the rules’ of horror whilst generating new ideas and approaches to developing it. The workshop is a must for anyone writing or developing a horror film. Frighteningly good!

- Josie Law, Head of Production, Capitol Films

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